More Ideas for DIY Decorative Bottles

We have some more Ideas for Recycling Your Bottles!

Further to our latest DIY project of the Wool Wrapped Bottles, here are a few more great ideas we have found.

Our very own Emma spray painted wine bottles purple for her wedding in December last year.  Looks super cute with just a few simple flowers.


Painted Bottle


I love this practical idea of adding the table number and guest names onto the bottle.  A great idea if space is an issue on your tables.  Another idea would be to have your dinner menu printed like this.  Very easy to tie in with your wedding theme and colours using specialty paper and ribbon, or lace and hessian for a vintage theme.

Bottle with Table Names


This idea is a great option for a winter wedding.  Combines spray painting bottles white, leave to dry, cover in glue and then roll in rock salt.  Remember to apply a finishing coat of a glue spray so the salt doesn’t weep.

For extra sparkle add a little iridescent or silver glitter to the rock salt or finish with an Iridescent Paint spray instead of the glue as your final coat.

White And Rock Salt Bottles


Although this last idea shows a cylinder vase this could easily be done on a bottle.  Place rubber bands around vase in pattern of your choice, spray paint, leave to dry and then remove rubber bands.  Ta-da super easy.

Add some simple blooms and tealights for table decor with a difference.

Painted Vase with Rubber Band Marks

If you have seen, or done yourself, any other great ideas for turning old bottles into fabulous features we’d love for you to share.

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