Create This Look – Door Knob Table Number

This unique DIY project gives you another chance to get handy with your power tools.  We fell in love with this idea that we found overseas and it's the perfect fit for an eclectic mix and match wedding.  Making each one with different components suits this look perfectly.


Things you will need:

  • Piece of wood - our piece was 240mm x 87mm
  • Power Drill with small drill bit
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Door or Drawer Knob
  • Letterbox Number
  • Decorative or Key Plate
  •  Stand

things you need

Step One

With a pencil, mark drilling positions for plate and metal table number holes.

Step Two

Drill Holes

Step Three

Screw knob into decorative plate and wood. You will need to screw them together at the same time otherwise the plate may not sit flat on the wood.

Step Four

Screw in metal number with flat head screwdriver. Place each one on a stand and you're done!

step 1 
Step 1    
step 2
Step 2
step 3
Step 3  
step 4
Step 4

Mix with different vases, candleholders and casual blooms to complete your table decor.

finished look

This is good project to start a few months out so you can take your time trawling markets, op shops and demolistion companies to find items you can mix and match together.

We loved making this table number so if you don't have the time but would love them for your wedding contact us as we may be able to make a set for you.

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